Achievement and Leadership Recognition

For additional information consult the project chairperson: Carole S. Carney, 15 Railroad Avenue, Homer City, PA  15748, Email

To recognize individuals who have excelled in activities and leadership connected with NJHA and other organizations.

Who Can Participate

15-22 years of age. No more than two entries per state as determined by the state leader.

Project Requirements

Résumé and report detailing activities and an interview at the convention. Consult the report format below for additional information. (The selection committee will consist of the national program chairperson, adult advisor, and the chairperson of the NJH Foundation Board of Directors. Additional individuals may be appointed as needed by the national program chairperson to assist the committee.)


National Award Winner(s) -- Up to three individuals will receive plaques. National Award winners are eligible for further competition in this project area in following years. In the event that reports of sufficient quality are not entered, no National Award will be presented.

Grand National Award Winner -- One individual will receive a plaque and the $500.00 Armstrong Scholarship to be used for study. The Grand Award winner is not eligible for further competition in this project area. In the event that a report of sufficient quality is not entered, no Grand National Award will be presented.

Report Format (résumé):

1) Cover sheet - Name, age, date of birth, permanent and college address, telephone number(s), and name of parents.

2) Résumé including:

  • (a) Present occupation.
  • (b) Occupational or vocational plans for the future.
  • (c) NJHA Activities. List and describe by years the NJHA projects, projects, and conventions where you have participated. Indicate awards won.
  • (d) Important NJHA accomplishments. List the most important contribution(s) you have made to NJHA.
  • (e) Offices, committee assignments, and other responsibilities held in youth, community, school, and church activities (other than those with NJHA).
  • (f) Important non-NJHA accomplishments.
  • (g) Horticulture projects, awards and special honors from organizations other than NJHA.

3) Narrative on why you are interested in receiving the NJHA Armstrong travel/study scholarship and what you would like to do.


You should be brief but thorough in covering your accomplishments. Reports should be on 8½ by 11 paper and in a notebook. Reports may include photographs with captions if they support your report. While every effort will be made to return the project to you it is advisable to keep an extra copy.

Entry Deadline

September 15th to the project chairperson. Entry dates and selection procedures vary from state to state.

For additional information consult the project chairperson: Carole S. Carney, 15 Railroad Avenue, Homer City, PA  15748, Email