Horticultural Connections Form D

Fill out the electronic form below and click Submit, or click here to download a PDF of the form that can be printed on WHITE paper and mailed to: Mike Rethwisch 451 N. 5th Street, David City, NE 68632-1666.

Submit one form for each division as necessary. Must be submitted by September 15.

Note: there is a limit of 16 total teams for this event, with each team consisting of 4 members. Teams will represent states when possible. #2 teams will be utilized if 16 individual state entries are not received by the entry of September 15. Substitutions are allowed, but please contact prior to the convention.

Last name, first nameStreet, City, State, Zip code

For more information, contact Mike Rethwisch
UNL- Extension
Butler Co.
451 N. 5th Street
David City, NE 68632-1666
(402) 367-7410
(402) 367-3329 (fax)

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