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For additional information, consult the project chairpeople: Ted and Sue Beebe; 41 Hathorn Blvd; Saratoga Springs; NY 12866; Phone: 518 587-6573; email:

Young America Horticulture Projects

To create awareness of and stimulate interest in various areas of horticulture (vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, flowers, and woody ornamentals) for younger gardeners.

This project has four contest divisions:

A. Gardening (vegetable, flower, etc) PDF

B. Environmental AwarenessPDF

C. Experimental HorticulturePDF

D. Plant Propagation PDF

Each division is further divided into one of three age categories (5-8, 9-11, and 12-14); individuals or groups may participate. Age category for groups is dependent upon oldest member of group.

Who Can Participate

Open to all youth 5-14 years old (determined as of Dec. 31 of current year). Youth with developmental delays who are unable to compete in their chronological age group may compete based upon their developmental age as indicated by parent or leader.

Project Requirements

A written report is required. Consult the individual project sheets for additional information on the length and format. These projects should be sent directly to the project chairperson no later than the due date. There is no limit on the number of entries from a state. Individuals may enter up to two projects in their age division. Entry form follows this page.


National Award Winner -- Up to three individuals/groups in each age division are eligible to receive a silver medal. National Award Winners are eligible to return for competition the following year in the same age division of this project area. In the event that a report of sufficient quality is not entered, a National Award will not be presented.

Grand National Award Winner -- One individual/group in each age division is eligible to receive a gold medal in each division. A Grand National Award winner is not eligible for further competition in the same age group of the division in which they won. A Grand National Award Winner may return the following year in the next older age division even though they may not have reached that age yet. Grand national awards require reports to be of high quality.

Entry Deadline

September 15.