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For additional information, consult the project chairperson: Sarah Berke, PO Box 204, Zamora, CA 95698,

Horticulture Performing Arts

The purpose of this contest is to give youth the opportunity to express themselves in performing arts utilizing horticultural subject(s) as the theme.

Who Can Participate?

Any youth in the following age categories may participate. Each age category will be judged separately.

A. 5-9 year olds
B. 10-14 year olds
C. 15-18 year olds
D. 19-22 year olds
Entries may consist of individuals or groups (up to six people). An individual may compete both individually and be a member of a group as well. The group age will be determined by the age of the oldest group member.

Project Requirements and Scoring

The performance area is expected to be about 10 x 15 feet in size. The performance time limit is 5-10 minutes and does not include set preparation/breakdown. Questions after the performance may be asked by judges only. Some entries may be selected for command performances during the NJHA convention.

Scoring will be based as follows:
  • Overall Effect
  • 20
  • Within Time Limit (1 point will be deducted for each 5 seconds over/under time limits)
  • 20
  • Poise
  • 10
  • Theme/subject horticulturally related
  • 20
  • Oral Expression
  • 15
  • Visual Expression
  • 15

    Performance Ideas


    National Award: Up to three National Award Winner performances in each age category will be chosen to receive a medal.

    Grand National Winner: One performance may receive a medal in recognition as Grand National Award winner.

    If there are no entries or entries are not of sufficient quality, an award may not be given.

    Awards Sponsor

    Jack B. Leaver
    1088 Fountain View
    Circle #3
    Holland, MI 49423
    Phone 616 298-2433

    Entry Deadline

    September 15.